About Us

About the Doctor.
Dr. Jennifer is committed to leading you to better health.
Her passion is leading people to discover the natural healing potential of the body and empowering them to experience it through chiropractic correction and creating a healthy chiropractic lifestyle. The intended result is an improved
quality of life allowing you to enjoy those things that
you enjoy.

Dr. Jennifer McCurdy

Dr. Jennifer received her Doctorate of Chiropractic
from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001. After graduating she began a wellness practice in Edina, MN. There she
was active in the chiropractic community and served as
Chair of the Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA) Communications Committee and served as secretary in
the Metrowest District.  She was recipient of the
MCA Presidents Award in 2004.

She returned to Iowa in November of 2004 and established McCurdy Family Chiropractic.  She is a member of the Indianola Rotary Club, served on the Iowa Chiropractic Society Public Relations Committee, the Warren County Philanthropic Partnership board, and she has enjoyed volunteering with numerous organizations.

When she is not seeing clients she enjoys being outdoors on the trails, traveling, and furthering her chiropractic education.

Dr. Jennifer continuously furthers her post-graduate
education to help her clients live their best health potential.  She successfully works with and designs protocols for clients at any age -from newborn infants to those enjoying their golden years. Simply put, her focus centers on removing interference and making sure the body gets what it needs.

Our Mission.

It is the mission of McCurdy Family Chiropractic to lead people to live a life of optimal health and life experience through chiropractic correction and creating healthy lifestyles.

Our Intention.

It is our intention at McCurdy Family Chiropractic for each individual to achieve optimal health and life experience by correcting nerve system interference and allowing the body
to maximize its innate potential. We intend to empower each individual by educating and leading people to create life experience that promotes the natural healing potential
of the body, improves quality of life, and allows each
individual to enjoy those things that they enjoy.